Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Something Bartered

Can you hear the bells? The wedding bells, that is. If the bells of a wedding are not far from your future, but your wallet has been singing a song far from happy, you may be looking for ways to save cash. Because, as happy as weddings are, getting married can become quite expensive.

With all of the different aspects of entering into matrimony, there are certain traditions you follow. For example, the bride needs to have something borrowed, something blue, and something new to set aside the bad ju-ju of the day.

But, let’s suggest your something new into the mix of traditions. You can have something borrowed, something blue, and something bartered.

As you or your family members big day begins to approach, start to think about the ways that you can use Trade to save cash.

Let’s see what wedding options are available on Trade:

  • Have a bumping DJ keep the night grooving
  • Rent a venue Pinterest would be proud of
  • Arrange for a limousine or a party bus for you and the wedding party
  • Rent a Tuxedo for the groom
  • Find the perfect floral arrangement
  • Buy gifts for the happy couple
  • Create a wedding website
  • Set up your catering
  • Select your dream wedding cake
  • Print custom favors for your guests
  • Print invitations, Save the Dates, and programs for the ceremony
  • Host a Rehearsal Dinner at a restaurant
  • Clean and preserve your wedding dress
  • Hire a calligrapher or professional writer for your vows
  • Purchase wedding party gifts
  • Set up a spa day for your bridesmaids and Future Mother in Law
  • Start dreaming up the perfect honeymoon location
  • Secure a perfect spot for after the big night
  • You can rent tables, chairs, linens, and more!

These options are just beginning, and can be tailored to each theme. Planning a Book themed wedding? We have book stores that can provide the novels. Thinking of printed coozies for favors for your guests? Finding a printer that can get them done, quickly and easily, is no issue.

No matter the situation, plan or idea, we can find a way to lift the financial burden by securing options on Trade. Think of all the cash you could save trading what you have for what you need. You can use that extra change for a honey moon, a new house, or savings! What’s going to be your something bartered?

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Right now, cash flows for many businesses are tight. This is why we recommend taking a serious look at what you can barter. With many mortgage and finance companies offering a reprieve on payments, now is the best time to look at other needs you have and see what can be bartered out to save your cash. If you would like specific ideas, tips or tricks on how to get what you need right now, head over to our contact page and send us a message or give us a call. If we, here at Tradebank of Wichita, can do anything to be of service to you, please let us know.

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